Mero developed with the purpose of helping companies improve their business activity and create trustworthy connections.

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What Is Mero

If you are looking for an advanced decentralized business platform on a B2B network, then Mero is the innovative company that can support your business needs. Mero is powered through ground-breaking Blockchain Technology. Mero work to supply an operative and efficient business platform for companies. We work in cooperation with businesses to improve their overall business activities, generate Worldwide partnerships, and to ultimately support them in achieving their goals. We strive in assisting companies to help them succ5eed in creating reliable, valuable, decentralized B2B connections.


Mero was formed with the mentality to help companies succeed and benefit within the market. We make every effort in assisting the companies to achieve great deals, as well as finding new clients. The great part about using Mero, our service is accessible on one platform

There are many difficulties which the marketplaces are currently facing, for instance:

  • Expensive and over-priced advertising campaigns
  • There is no transparency, and sometimes no traceability, leaving you unprotected
  • Lack of security when making transactions, often unreliable
  • Costly marketplace fees, charges and payment process fees
  • A shortage of B2B networks

Mero Eco-System

Mero Coin provides a selection of functionalities which are formed together on the Mero Eco-System. The Mero Eco-System is made up of five domains. Any transactions in the Mero Eco-System will be credited/reward with Mero Coins.


Users will be able to freely sell and purchase various goods and services through our platform, using the Mero Coin crypto currency as a means of payment.

Low-fee services

The Mero platform offers users both basic and advanced features, available for an additional fee in local currency

Get rewards by Mero deal Generator

Mero financially encourages those users who will actively create and offer transactions in our generator

Get paid for Business & Social Activity

Businesses and individuals get rewarded for being active on the platform and performing activities

Get Mero-back System

Mero plans to introduce a crypto-cashback feature, within which users will receive Mero Coin for every purchase of goods or services made through our platform.


Our platform has been designed to help companies make connections with reliable and trustworthy potential partners. Our network is not limited regionally; you can connect with clients worldwide. We have made it both easier and faster to find the right partner for your company, by viewing the references and reviews


It will organically generate deals through inquiries

You will be able to make inquiries in real time

You will have the ability to provide immediate feedback and offer to the inquirer


Users will have the ability to both promote and offer a variety of products and services

There is no service charge

Receive orders for clients immediately

Users will have transparency in all transactions

The user can generate Smart contracts with clients

Mero Roadmap


Q3 2018
Desktop wallets release
Listing on
Listing on Coinmarket Cap
Listing on

Building our community

Q4 2018
Marketing campaigns
Social media presence
Listing on Cryptopia
Bounty campaigns
Block explorer

Key releases

Q1 2019
Initial Whitepaper release
Beta release of the platform

Mobile applications

Q2 2019
Android wallet
iOS wallet
Web wallet

Coming soon

Q3 2019